Clutter and the Holidays - From Chaos to Peace

All kinds of clutter adds to the stress during the Holidays, physical, mental, emotional and maybe even spiritual clutter.

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Lets talk about the clutter that comes up during the Holidays. 

As always I am not just talking about physical clutter but also mental, emotional and social clutter.  I invited Linda Binns to chat with me because I love her perspective as a Feng Shui and energy expert.

We are talking about 

  • the difference between active chaos and passive chaos
  • the 3 good times to declutter seasonal decorations
  • what to remember and be aware of when you are buying new decorations and ornaments
  • we talk about how and why giving and receiving gifts can create a lot of clutter
  • and we are also talking about expectations that we have or we think other people have for us,

Clutter and stress literally sucks the joy out of the holidays and a lot of it we create ourselves.

If you like some help moving from chaos to peace, if you struggle with clutter in your life, business files or finances schedule a complimentary Clutter to Clarity Chat. Together we will figure out what's the best thing you do 'for a few minutes a day, to keep the chaos away'.   ❤️

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