January 3, 2022

Create A Foundation for 2022

New Moon in Capricorn puts the focus on structures and foundations. Do a Love Tour of 2021 and decide what structures, systems and automations you need to put in place for a solid foundation for success in 2022.

Happy New Year and thank you so much for reading my blog and listen to my podcast. 

Today I want to let you look behind the scenes of how I close and review a year to then move forward with clarity into a new year.

Nature is still asleep, you too? 

First I want to say, yes a new year has started on the calendar but outside it's still dark more than light and here where I live, it was really cold the past few days and everything is covered in a thick blanket of snow, nature is still deep asleep. So energetically, at least to me, it doesn't really feel like a new beginning or a new start yet. 

In Astrology the cycle starts with Aries, which is in March/April and that's also when nature wakes up to a new beginning, when it's spring and we, well I for sure, start to wake up and feel that urge to move and create something new.
So for me, it makes way more sense to start the NEW with the support of nature and the Sun and Moon in Aries than now in the dark of winter when it's cold and all we want to do is hide and hibernate.

Of course saying that I am speaking to people who live in the northern hemisphere but I know I have listeners in the Southern Hemisphre as well, mainly in Australia and New Zealand, for you it's not winter but summer, so to be honest, I don't know how a New Year feels to you. But, thinking about how we feel in summer when it's the hottest, it's often also not the time we feel full of energy to start something new and to bolt ahead.

In Switzerland we have a saying that 'we're laying around like a bunch of dead flies" when it's too hot. But then again, I don't know if that's how you feel. If you are in the southern hemisphere let me know how the New Year feels to you, you can leave a comment below, email me, or write me a direct message for example on Instagram, I really love to know.

You are not alone

But back to me wanting to keep hibernating just like nature a bit longer rather than setting off to new adventures right now, I am saying this because maybe you too feel that way too, maybe you too don't feel motivated or full of energy to start something new yet, maybe you too feel it goes against nature or against YOUR nature , if you do I am here to tell you, you're not alone.

But we do hear hear all about setting goals now and then come January 1st to start going for it, new year new you and what all else is said out there.
But my body feels like hibernating, my brain feels like reflecting, contemplating and planning, getting clear still, and my heart and soul feel more like staying wrapped up in a cozy blanket hidden from the world thank going out and 'killing it' so to speak. 

We can still start the year strong

Ok with that out of the way, that doesn't mean I don't do a review of the past calendar year and plan for the new calendar year, I do. I just don't expect myself to be full of energy and drive and mojo yet to do it, to go for it. For me I am still more in the reflection and preparation phase. Maybe that's also why so many New Years resolutions are forgotten by mid January or beginning of February the latest? We are not really ready to burst towards something new.

Therefor a new calendar year, and the first New Moon in Capricorn, which was January 2, 2022, is more about planning, putting the needed structures and systems in place so that I can strive towards my vision and goals later, when spring is here, when the energy and clarity is back.

From Big Vision to Structure

Have you read the blog post I called the Power of Intention back at the Sagittarius New Moon? Back then I said it's a good time to getting clear on our vision for the new year since Sagittarius is the trailblazer of the zodiac signs and an adventurer who loves to see the big picture.

This energy was great to set new broad intentions for the upcoming months which includes of course the year 2022. I talked about how to start getting clear on our vision and goals for 2022, that we need to identify our limiting beliefs that hold us back, and make a commitment to trust and believe in ourselves and the help of the universe.

Since Sagittarius was all about the broad and big picture, we now need to go a step further and drill deeper and come from a vision to a plan and to a structure, which the Capricorn season that we have now (with Sun and New Moon in Capricorn) is perfect for.

Capricorn is all about structures. It rules the bones in our body and the structure in our life and business.

A Love Tour of the Year that has passed 

So how I do this is I do a Love Tour of the year that has passed. I was just teaching the love tour for our home in the 3-part workshop that I co-hosted with Linda Binns from Dec 28-30 and people had great insights. We can also do the love tour for more than just our home, we can do it for the year behind us

So let's do a Love Tour through 2021 and yes at first sight that might be difficult, just like a lot of you my 2021 wasn't an easy one. But just as I encourage my clients to take a love tour through their cluttered home I ask you to talk a love tour through 2021 and find the good, find the beauty that came with it,

Maybe it's easy to spot or maybe you have to dig a a bit and refocus your eyes and attention to actually not only see the negative and challenging.  

You really want to notice the beauty that came with it, reflect back and appreciate and be grateful for the positive that has happened in all areas of your life. Here are the areas

  • how we feel about ourselves
  • our values & money
  • communication
  • our home
  • our creativity, play and hobbies
  • our health
  • our relationships
  • inner work or shadow work
  • knowledge and what we learned
  • career
  • community
  • mental health and spirituality

You do so by reminding yourself of all the good that happened in 2021 in all these 12 areas, if you had a challenging year you might have to dig a bit, but we all find something to be grateful and proud. 

- identify how you did make progress, what you did achieve

- what new experiences were you able to have,

- what new people did you meet,

- what great books did you read?

Find it, find the beauty, find the positive and then write it down and be grateful for it

Part 2 of the Love Tour

This was part 1 of the Love Tour where the goal is really to see the good, to focus on the positive, but we are not Pollyanna that's why now we go into
Part 2, where we ask ourselves different questions:

  • what was missing in 2021? 
  • What was working in 2021 and what wasn't? 

And I am of course talking about the things we have in our control, not necessarily about the outside world where we have absolutely no control as this virus shows us so clearly

I also love the following question that I heard in Michael Hyatt's "A year in review. Complete the Past After Action Report" where he encourages us to ask:

  • What do I feel I should have been acknowledges for last year but I wasn't?

Did you achieve anything that you think is significant but you feel you haven't been acknowledge for enough? Maybe also get clear by whom you didn't get the acknowledment you were seeking.

And then I take it a step further and ask myself, how can I make sure I acknowledge myself for it, and be proud of myself, so that I don't need other people's acknowledgment?

  •  what were the major life lessons of 2021 for me? 

Sometimes those life lessons come in a challenging dress but a life lesson is always something positive and to be grateful for in the long run.

  • what was stressing you out in 2021, what frustrated you? 
  • how would the ideal 2022 look and feel like? How is it different from 2021? 
  • what could you change in your life and business in 2022 to feel less stressed and frustrated and more supported. 
  • what would I like to create in 2022? 

If you did listen to episode 101 and made notes on the broad picture and vision you have then pull out those notes,

I love these questions from the business strategist Lisa Johnson: 

  • What parts of me do I need to leave behind in 2021, 
  • Who do I need to become to reach my goals in 2022? 

Ramit Sethi has quite a similar one more focused on money

  • What’s one thing you will STOP doing with your money in 2022? 
  • What’s one thing you will START doing with your money in 2022?

And lastly I love the question Christine Kane asks: 

  • What am I not tolerating anymore? 

This can be something big or something small. Last year when she asked this question on her 2-day event I wrote down "I am not tolerating my half-broken uncomfortable office chair anymore" And so in 2021 I got myself a new chair.

In the 3-part Workshop last week I talked a lot about how we can't control what's going on out there but we can control our home and office environment and we can really think what stressed and frustrated us and how we can create a more supportive environment. So what are you not tolerating anymore in 2022?

After having done both parts of the love tour, what structures, plans, systems, automation can you put in place that support you better and that support you in what you want to accomplish in 2022?


Don't feel bad if you are not feeling full of spunk and mojo yet to start 2022, Nature is still asleep, the dark is still longer than the light, our bodies might still want to hibernate, that's our nature. Our minds contemplate and our hearts being fuzzy and warm instead of brave and outgoing, that doesn't mean we can't start 2022 strong. 

A strong foundation will come in very handy when nature wakes up and we feel the urge and energy to move ahead or even bolt ahead.

And if you are interested to watch the recordings of last weeks 3-part workshop that Linda and I were presenting you can still sign up and receive it for free.

Day one was all about the Bagua,

Day 2 the Love Tour and on

Day 3 we put it together to create an action plan.

==>>> Get the recordings

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