January 17, 2022

Setting Up Your Workspace For Success

Part of having solid foundations and supportive structures in place is having a workspace that is setup for success, ease and flow.  

Studies show that if you work in a cluttered work space you are fighting an unnecessary uphill battle, because the more objects there are in the visual field, the harder your brain has to work to filter them out.

This is causing your brain to tire, meaning, you are using your brains energy to filter out the clutter instead of serving your clients and working on your business projects.
By having your office and desk set up for success and by keeping them as uncluttered and organized as possible - as always by just taking a few minutes a day to keep the chaos away - will lead to more productivity, more focus, less stress, less overwhelm, more free time, and most often also more money (revenue and profit) 

When I help my clients organize their office and desk, I use a framework that I realized I always automatically did and that is also a concept from Permaculture gardening.

What I am doing, and what I suggest you are also doing is placing and positioning everything in your office and on your desk in ways that are the most appropriate and easy to access.

Go ahead, listen to the episode, download my guide and then start setting your work space up for success. 

If you enjoyed this article (and podcast episode) and want to go on on a journey from chaos to peace in your office, files and finances with me as your guide, opportunities to work with me 1-1 are available. Schedule a Clutter to Clarity Chat. and in 20-30 minutes we'll see if working together is a great fit.

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