February 21, 2022

From Chaos To Peace With Astrology

Get to know yourself better with Astrology, when you know yourself better it's easier to figure out what approach and actions to take. 

I want to talk about Astrology and how it has helped me in the past and how it continues to help me personally but even more exciting how I use it now to help my clients. 

I can transfer my knowledge of Astrology into helping my clients clear their clutter and getting organized in their home office files and finances.

One thing I'd like you to understand is that Astrology helps you get to know yourself better, and in that it's similar like the popular personality tests and tools like for example Meyers-Briggs, Kobe, the Enneagram and others.  


The astrology I am talking about is not the horoscope and little blurb you are reading in your favourite fashion magazine or in the newspaper. Those are for sure fun to read but they don't really give you much insight and you can't really call that Astrology either, it's more entertainment. In reality there is much more to Astrology, just like there is much more to you.

Which brings me seaminglesly to the next thing: you might think that Astrology puts you in a box, but that's not true either. Astrology is not a tool that puts you in a box, it's actually in my eyes the opposite, it gets you out of the box if there is a box to begin with. It helps you to get to know yourself better and express yourself more authentically.

To get your accurate chart I need your birth day, exact birth time, and birth location, it could really not get much more personalized, so as you can see No being put into a box by astrology.

Nature vs. Nurture

Instead of 'nurture' we can also say conditioning. Our birth chart is what we come into this life with, it's our nature and our potential that we cannot change. Then a big part of how we express ourselves play our experiences since birth, how we grew up, what our social environment was, who influenced us, what and who we were surrounded with, we can call that how we were nurtured/conditioned. 

While your nature is kind of set and how you were nurtured was out of your control, the good news is you have free will and if you are intentional you can shift how you express yourself. Because there is a spectrum, you can chose a high road or a low road, a mature way or an immature way, something that serves you or sabotages you, or we could also say is a healthy or an unhealthy way. 

When you start understanding yourself and your nature better and how the low road looks like compared to the high road you can start improving and working towards what a healthy expression looks like that serves you. That's where Astrology can come in and bring some clarity. 

How Astrology helps you with that

A personal Astrology reading can help you identify with what assets and traits you came to this world - so what is your nature - and then compare and see how you are using those assets depending on your upbringing, your circles, your education etc but also your level of personal growth and awareness - with is nurture. It can shed some light why you might be struggling with clutter and disorganization and help you solve it in a way that works for you.

Now looking at your chart will not necessarily tell me IF you struggle with clutter or not, although sometimes it can, it helps me more in if you ARE struggling with clutter we can look at your chart and see why certain approaches didn't work in the past and what other approach could be more successful. 

And just to be clear, there is nothing to be fixed, you are not broken, you just got a bit lost in the unhealthier fringes of your personality spectrum. Some clarity and small shifts can make a big difference in how you move through life. 

This is the Star-Level Journey from chaos to peace  and you can start it by booking your astrology reading today.

High road and low road

Let's take an example, you often hear that someone that is a Virgo (which means their sun was in Virgo when they were born) is very organized. While that is not always true in my experience, there is some truth to it so let's just go with it for an example.

This trait or asset of being organized can be expressed two ways, either in a good, healthy and supportive way or in a unhealthy, very strict, and maybe even obsessive way.

The high road and healthy expression would be to be organized in your life in areas where that's important but they don't put more focus on it than necessary and they make sure to not beat themselves up for not being perfect.

Instead they recognize their tendency to overdo it, they make sure to give themselves and others intentionally some slack and focus on loving and celebrating all their organized ways and how it supports them and makes their life and business easier. Something that for many Virgos can be difficult, again because they are very critical by nature, and usually the most critical with themselves.

The low road or not so healthy expression of Virgos is that they becomes obsessed or even fixated with being organized, and everything has to be "just so", otherwise they can't feel good. Sometimes they even require the same obsession from others, their spouse, their children, their co-workers or even their clients. They often beat themselves up for not being perfect and need to be reminded that they are doing much better than they think.
When you start understanding how the low road looks like and how the high road would look like you can start taking steps to start improving and working towards what a healthy expression looks like. 

Can you see how knowledge like this helps in this case the Virgo-personality, but it also helps me as their coach to understand where they are coming from. It will also guide me and make me aware of what to listen for when I work with them and how I can help shift their focus.

Let's take another example, someone with a strong Aries in their chart. Aries people are good at starting things, being inspired and motivated, they are good at initiating and taking action quickly. On the other hand they are not very patient, they want things to have happened yesterday and might not be too interested in all the nitty gritty details. As a result they often don't finish things, not because of perfectionism like the Virgo personality, but rather because of being impatient and getting excited to start something knew rather than seeing the started project to the end.

There is no one fits all 

So often we walk through life thinking that what works for others should work for us too. We are told by the media or other people what to do, it worked for me so it will work for you if you just do what I say. But it couldn't be further from the truth, there is no system that fits all. It goes against the Aries nature to be like the Virgo personality and vice-versa, it doesn't work.

Instead, if you get to know yourself better through an astrology reading you can see where you show up more on the low road than the high road in any given area and you can tweak your actions in a way that are in line with who you are by nature.

You will start to understand why you start decluttering but then crush and burn (is it from perfectionism or from impatience to use Virgo and Aries examples from before) but also how to change this by shifting your approach to the high road and using your assets in a healthier way.

Like A Shortcut

I look at Astrology like a shortcut when helping my clients with their clutter. It tells me what to look and listen for and what approach to suggest they try in order to reach their goal of being clutter free and organized.

It is a tool that helps me uncover my client’s strengths and weaknesses and therefore better guide them on their

Transformational journey from chaos to peace

What you learn about the energy influences in your chart can be a big revelation and aha for you - it sure was for me - and it will also show you that you don't need to change who you are, you don't need fixing, you simply need to embrace your character and your nature, and learn how to align your actions to those unique parts of yourself and express them in a healthy way.

Such a mindset shifts is often the missing link when people are trying to change things or implement better habits, your mindset can initiate changes and have a positive impacts on your relationships with the things and people you surround yourself with because you stop "should-ing" yourself and start to do what works for you.


Astrology therefore is a tool for self discovery and self-development but another advantage is that you become more compassionate with yourself, because you start to understand why you react the way you do. Why for example you are struggling with wanting to hold on to things, or using things to make you feel better.

Self-awareness is the beginning of all wisdom and the beginning of change.

  • The more you know yourself at the deepest levels
  • the more you know what impacts positively or negatively
  • the more you know what energizes you and what drains you
  • why you feel drawn to certain things 
  • why you feel compulsion to do certain things,
  • the more you know about that, the better.

And that's what helps you to start living in a healthier way and creating a supportive stress free environment for yourself because clearing all that clutter is self-love but only if it's done with compassion and aligned with your nature.

There are the different phases or levels of this self-discovery journey and just to be clear, that will help you with more areas in your life than just with clearing clutter and getting organized.

Level 1: Discovery - You learn about your nature, you discover who you are at the core, that's the mindset shift I was talking about before.

Level 2: Realizing - you don't need to fix yourself, you're not broken, you just need to understand and accept of who you are by nature, and have compassion with yourself.

Level 3: Awareness, start paying attention to your unintentional, spontaneous patterns and habits in your everyday life, how you express your nature, are they serving you or sabotaging you? Are you on the high road or low road?

Level 4: Experimenting - after 3 levels of internal work we take action, we start by experimenting what approach would work better for you, what approach gets you the better and more sustainable results, what approach is aligned with your nature. When you start finding your ways you can get to

Level 5: Clearing the clutter - once you found a better way for you, you can easily or at least easier release and let go of all your "shoulds" and stop pushing yourself to do things in a way that goes against your nature. Instead you create the habits and routines in a way that work for you and how you are wired, how your nature is and step by step in a few minutes a day you can change your environment, and eventually your life and will be able to sustain it and maintain it.

The nature of our life is that we always discover a new and deeper layer of ourselves and so the process starts again. It's like an upward spiral and just like I said many times already, living a clutter free life is not an event, it's a journey.

We all have to deal with clutter in one way or another, I might just be at a different level on that upward spiral than you are or the next person is.
As you can see

Clearing Clutter is a personal transformation tool, and so is Astrology.

If you are ready to go on a journey from chaos to peace in your office, files and finances with me as your guide, opportunities to work with me 1-1 are available.

Schedule a Clutter to Clarity Chat and we'll see if working together is a great fit. 


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