March 7, 2022

Is Abundance Having A Lot Of Stuff? with Kai Hernandez

What is abundance? It is actually our natural state, but it's not at all about having a lot of stuff says my guest Kai Hernandez.

We can have the head in the clouds and still need to have the feet firmly on the ground to be able to take actions. And that's what I love about my guest, Kai is not just talking about abundance, she's also giving practical tips on how to recognize that the abundance is already all around us.

We are talking about: 

  • What is a money mindset coach
  • Limiting and socially conditioned beliefs about money
  • How abundance is the natural state
  • How to start working on your money mindset
  • Whether or not your bank account is the measure for abundances
  • How to use thought work to become more abundant
  • How to establish a positive money habit with the Pavlov effect
  • and what feeling worthy and deserving has to do with it all

Tune into this awesome conversation with Kai and hear all the practical tips how you too can feel more abundant.

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Kai Hernandez

Kai is a Money Mindset Coach who’s passionate about coaches building 7 figure wealth without sacrificing family time.

When she's not guiding and coaching to heal generational money cycles so her clients can build wealth, she's being silly with her daughter, watching reality shows, or re-reading Harry Potter.

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