March 14, 2022

Get Energetically Aligned With Your Authentic Self with Miranda Mitchell

How to overcome your mental and emotional blocks and become energetically aligned with your authentic self through Human Design.

That's the topic of this episode and my guest is Miranda Mitchell who shares with us how Human Design can help us get to know ourselves better, and how it can help us in our daily lives, in our business and also with with mental and emotional clutter and making decisions.

If you have never heard of Human Design and even more have no idea how that could help you, you are in the right place, we unpack all of this right here in this episode.

We talked about: 

  • How Human Design made Miranda's life and business easier

  • Why she could let go of all the "shoulds" which you know I call mental clutter

  • How she learned to live her authentic self and we also talk about how to even know what our authentic self is

  • Most amazing part: Learn how the "emotional wave" can help you make better decisions

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Miranda Mitchell

is an Energetic Alignment Coach & Human Design Specialist that helps leaders in their industry create more impact with sustainability and ease.

She has helped a large amount of leaders and their teams overcome their energetic blocks through the awareness of their unique Human Design; resulting in a new found trust in expansion and belief in ones self while connecting and collaborating with others for the greater good.

Miranda has recently partnered up with Analena Fuchs and they have created Aligned Living Academy where they will be launching their Human Design Certification for healers, coaches and conscious leaders so that they can bring Human Design into their containers.

Website  *   LinkedIn   *   Facebook   *   Instagram   *   Aligned Living Academy     


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