March 28, 2022

Leadership From The Inside Out with Terri-Ann Richards

Leadership is an inside out job, but what is a good leader? And how do we become good leaders especially as women?

My guest is Terri-Ann Richards and her belief is simple: to achieve the ultimate of personal success it's an inside out job. You need to start with you. 

We talk about 

  • how to become our own leader first
  • Terri-Ann's definition of a good leader
  • reasons why people don't reach their goals
  • what to put in place to raise the chances of achieving our goals from 55% to 95% 
  • why systems are so important and 
  • how to fit our priorities into our calendars

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Terri-Ann Richards

16+ year serial entrepreneur turned coach. Terri-Ann has owned, started, partnered and sold more than 8 companies. 

As a coach she works predominately with female leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs in developing the person behind the title. Her belief is simple, to achieve the ultimate of personal success, it's an inside out job. 

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