May 25, 2020

Healing Architecture with Dr. Lydia de Leòn

Meet my guest today Dr. Lydia de Leòn, a Greek Architect and Wellness Coach. She also holds a Ph.D in Physiology. She is the creator of Healing Architecture and co-founder of Geophilia Institute

We discuss how science and spirituality are merging, and how we have the science to connect architectural design with health and wellbeing. Geophilia is the science of improving the coherence of your internal and external space. The missing link between internal and external space is a fractal space. 

What you discover in this episode: 

  • how to create a space that is the most harmonic 
  • Why we shouldn't use the 90° angle so extensively in today's architecture
  • what we can do in our homes to create more harmony 

The audio is not always the greatest, Dr. Lydia de Leòn lives off-grid in Mexico and our internet connection wasn't that good. Especially the first 5 minutes are very rough, afterward it gets better. This conversation is too good and too important to not share.

Dr. Lydia de Leòn

is a Greek Architect and Wellness Coach, with a focus on the relation of buildings on health and well-being.

She holds a Ph.D in Physiology on the subject of the effect on geophysical anomalies on biology and has published in peer-review journals and conferences. She has been researching for 15 years the relation of ancient temples and their location.

Lydia is the creator of Healing Architecture and co-founder of Geophilia Institute.

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