The Love Tours - From Chaos to Peace

With the Love tours we are showing appreciation and gratitude. It is also a way of becoming aware what all we have in our life and how we feel about it.

It's so easy to focus on what is not right, what's not working, or what bothers us, that we forget to allow ourselves to honour and value what we have. 

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Episode Transcript

This is From Chaos to Peace with Conny, Episode number 5 - The Love Tours

Welcome everyone how is it going, this is episode number 5 of the From Chaos to Peace podcast where you learn how a few minutes a day keeps the chaos away, thank you so much for being here with me. I am recording this not in my office but I am right now in my home country Switzerland, so greetings from Switzerland 🙂

Podcasting is still very new to me and recording it now from a different location and set-up than before creates a little extra challenge and some mental clutter that I didn't expect and that I have to now clean up and let go. But i am determined to make the best out of it and provide you with an awesome episode. 

So let's recap real quick what we explored so far together:

We started our journey with me introducing myself and my philosophy around decluttering, then in episode 2 I introduced you to the different kinds of clutter and in episode 3 I explained why I call decluttering an act of self-love and in episode 4 I shared with you my 3 key principles for decluttering which are not rules, Remember I have no rules for decluttering, but principles that make decluttering easier for you especially when you are still trying to awaken your decluttering muscle.  

If you missed any of these previous episodes and this one is your first one, you might want to go back and have a listen but WAIT!! wait, not until you listen to this episode because today I want to talk with you about something that is really fun. I want to talk with you about the love tours. 

You might think now "what the heck is a love tour"

The Love tour is a way of becoming aware what we have in our life and how we feel about it. We often have so much stuff that we don't really appreciate the single item anymore but are just overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have, hence the need for decluttering. But any amount of stuff consists of many single items that came into your life one way or another and that you decided to keep in your life until now. In order for us to move forward, to evolve, we need to let go of the things that don't serve us anymore. 

This is where the love tour comes into the game. 

With the love tour we are showing appreciation and gratitude for what we have. It's so easy to focus on what is not right, what's not working, or what bothers us, and all the clutter, that we forget to allow ourselves to honur and value what we have. This is true of the home we are living in, our papers, digital devices and our relationships, our brain, and most of all, of ourselves. 

Remember we are practicing self-love with decluttering, at least in my books and with my principles.

So before we can start this process of evaluating and letting go, it's important to appreciate and be grateful for the items and  things that you have in your life. When we appreciate where we are, we can begin to let go with love.
If you listened to episode 2 where I talked about the different kinds of clutter you know that there are  

  • physical clutter including paper clutter
  • digital clutter
  • mental clutter
  • social clutter
  • and even emotional clutter
and we can take a love tour in all of those areas. 

Let’s start with your home and office. 
Take a tour around and look at it all with fresh eyes, really notice all the beauty around you. What is it that you really do love about your home? Take a stroll through your house, include your balcony, patio and the garden, the garage, the attic, everything, include everything. And then try to remember, what made you want to live in this home?

Maybe it was not the home but the house just sits in the perfect neighbourhood? Or maybe the home has an awesome view, the mountains, or a beautiful field, or a nice building. Or it could be simply how the morning sun hits the wall of your living room. What is it? Look around and for a few minutes, appreciate everything in your home and environment. You could sayto yourself: "I appreciate all this" to reinforce the effect. Or how about you take a few minutes and make a list on a piece of paper or in your journal. Write down what it is that you really love about your home. 

Next we want to appreciate the papers 
that you have in your home and admire your brain’s ability to do something with all these papers. It is a fairly new thing in human evolution that we can read and write. And now we live in the information age where more information is available to us than ever before in the history of humankind.

But we take it so for granted, and we even get annoyed with everything and overwhelmed. But isn’t it amazing that our eyes can scan the symbols on the papers and then the brain translates that into information for us? And it really doesn’t stop there, our brain can even read jumbled letters and make sense of them. 

If you check out the show notes for this episode I have a sentence there of jumbled letters and you can still read it and understand it. This is one of these jokes that goes around sometimes on Facebook. 

Tehse wrods mya look lkie nosnesne, but yuo can raed tehm, cna't yuo?

So what we do now is take a tour through your home and find the papers that are full of meaning, meaning for you – for example, maybe a great book that you are in the process of reading, or one that you read before and love so much, maybe it's a magazine with beautiful images and lovely stories, a you have love letters from your partner, or postcards from your friends that visited exotic places. 

Just appreciate everything that you have and admire it, and admire your brain and yourself that you are able to read all these symbols. It's really amazing when we think about it, and we all just take it for granted. But not today, today we are doing the love tours. 

In the first love tour I said you could take a piece of paper or journal and write down what you appreciate and what you love about your home. What if you continue this list and what you found out about your papers, write down what papers you have that you really appreciate, a lot of us are only ever annoyed with papers but there is so much good that came from it. 

Ok, so we did two love tours so far, now let's do another one

Let's do a love tour around all digitalLet's start by appreciating the amazing tools you have at your fingertips these days. They do create digital clutter, but also make your life so much easier. For example our smartphones, each one is way more advanced and powerful than all the computers that NASA had when they sent the first man to moon back in 1969. But we just take it for granted. Or the computer, that let's us easily draft letters and other documents, not that many years ago we did that with a type writer, and when we made a mistake we had to start all over again. Or even a few years back we had to write it all by hand. 

So let's take a tour through our home and find all the items and gadgets that help us create digital files (for better or worse) and appreciate how they make your life richer and better. Examples of that are:
  • Smart phones, tablets, computers.
  • Video recorder, iPods.
  • Gadgets like tripods and selfie sticks.
  • Keyboards, cables, wifi-routers etc.
Then let's take a tour through your smart phone and computer, check out all the photos you have, the apps that connect you with loved ones that might live in places far away from you. You can use WhatsApp or Viber to connect with them, or Messenger apps. There is even Skype and Zoom where you can see each other. You have other apps that give you the news and the latest of what's happening in the world, or apps that entertain you like Youtube to watch videos, Kindle to read books, or podcast apps like Overcast to listen to podcasts, just like you do right now. We have apps that teach us things, apps that help us remember things, apps that help us manage our money and other things, and on and on and on. 

It's really amazing what we have these days and it's worth to take a moment and really appreciate it. If you did start writing down what you appreciate in your home and with your papers, let's take a moment now and write down what you like about your digital gadgets. Or maybe you started with a digital notebook to begin with? Smart you!
Ok, that was love tour number 3, the digital love tour, now we get to the last love tours, 

Let's explore the social environment firstThink about what you love about your life in general, your family, your friends, your career or business if you have one? Yes we might be very busy or stressed out in our life, overwhelmed with work, or annoyed with family members or friends, but we couldn't imagine to be without these things and connections either. We humans need connections, friends, a social environment. 

Next, we can do a love tour in our mental environment
Let's appreciate your beautiful brain for being able to solve problems, process information and form beliefs. Also to remember things, to think ahead, and to make plans. We take all these things for granted and by doing so we miss how amazing this all is.

But by becoming aware of it all consciously, we slow down and tune in and find out how we are truly feeling about all this. By focusing on the positive things we have among all the clutter it becomes more obvious what we want to change, what things, situations or people we want to let go of in our life.

The love tours are also an ideal way to identify areas of clutter. You could take the love tour a second time through your home, but this time you pay attention to cluttered zones that overshadow the beautiful areas that you just re-discovered and appreciated. Write down what you want to change here or what doesn't belong. Make a list of all those areas whether they are in your home, your office, around papers, digital files and even when you look at your calendar, your obligations etc.

Think about how you would like these areas to look like, create a vision in your head or on paper, or in a digital note. From here you can make a list of small areas that you want to transform and declutter and tackle, then start with a small and not too personal area and clear the clutter for a few minutes. You can listen to my episode 4 where we do a 5-minute decluttering session together. 

Ok my friends, that's what I have for you today. We did some love tours, we did a love tour through the home, then we did a love tour around paper, one around digital, and even a social, mental and emotional love tour. This was an overview over love tours that we can take, and in future episodes we'll go deeper with this when we talk about certain areas and how to declutter these areas. 

Make sure you don't just listen to all this but you also put it into action about the things you just heard me talking about. Do the love tours, and then declutter a small area for 5 minutes at a time. Always remember, a few minutes a day, keep the chaos away. 

You find all the links of the things I was taking about in the show notes, and the show notes you'll find at

Thank you for joining me on the podcast and listening all the way to the end. Have a beautiful and amazing week and please subscribe so you never miss an episode. See you next time, take good care.

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What you'll discover in this episode

  • What are the love tours and why do them
  • The different love tours in your home & office, around papers, in the digital space and the rest of your life
  • The other benefit of the love tours


If you have any questions

If you have a question about decluttering, organizing or something you heard me talk about on the podcast I'd like to invite you to a free public call "ask Conny". You can ask me a question anonymously or just listen in what others ask.

Register here, I look forward to seeing you there. 

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