December 28, 2020

Slow Down To Speed Up with Eunice Martel


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Slow down to speed up!

We are now in the week in between the years, Christmas is behind us and the New Year is ahead of us, lets all slow down and take a pause, because taking a pause is the best thing you can do to speed up in 2021.

I talk with my guest Eunice Martel about how the fires south of the border in Washington, Oregon and California had forced her to take a break in her marathon training because the air quality was so bad.

Despite her determination to complete her training plan perfectly, her coach pointed out that the ultimate goal was to run the full distance in a way that would allow her to be able to keep running for the rest of her life.

At first she didn't want to take a break and was worried for her big goal, but then she realized it was actually very beneficial. Today we will talk about the time management lessons that marathon training has taught her.

Her message is: 

Don't be afraid to take a break. ~Eunice Martel

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Eunice Martel

is a Life Coach. She helps her clients to level up their life one step at a time. She helps them identify when it is best for them to be as strong as the oak tree and when it is better to be the reed who bends with the wind to remain unbroken.

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