March 1, 2021

Feed Your Brain A Healthy Thoughts Diet with Christine M. Roberts


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What is a healthy thoughts diet? Everything comes down to how we think, beliefs drive behaviors and beliefs come from what we feed our mind.

Today I am talkign with Christine Roberts, Christine is a Success Coach who partners with ambitious women to do less, be more, and create their best life using her signature GROW method. 

In this conversation we mainly talk about the time when she, her husband and her two children sold their house, sold about 70% of their possessions and traveled the US in a RV.  

We talk about what inspired this adventure and how her life has changed afterward.

We also talk about the book she wrote called Inspirational Mind Food and how she wants us to feed our brain a healthy Thoughts diet.

Belief drives behavior. What you believe comes from what you feed your mind. Just like if you feed your body healthy food, you're going to have a healthy body. If you feed your mind healthy information, you're going to have a healthy mind. 

What you believe drives how you think, which drives how you feel, which drives, how you act, which ultimately drives the results in your life.

Everything comes down to how we think ~Christine M. Roberts

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Christine M. Roberts

is a Success Coach who partners with ambitious women to do less, be more, and create your best life using her signature GROW method.

With neuroscience-based practices, Christine guides women to design their most purposeful and fulfilling life. She guides high-achieving women to get unstuck and unlock their potential in all areas of their lives through coaching, a guided online course, and speaking opportunities.

Christine’s corporate experiences at Disney, The John Maxwell Company, and balancing motherhood, have inspired her personal growth and leadership.Her clients say that they improve their perspective, productivity, and joy after using Christine’s strategies!

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