March 8, 2021

Life, Death, and Clutter with Karen Hendrickson


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Many, or most, people want to avoid the topic of death, but it's inevitable and it's an important topic, because death is really about life.

When we get comfortable with death we live in a way that really speaks to our hearts a lot more fully than it would otherwise.

Becoming comfortable with our own mortality calls us to live and love a little more fully and a little more authentically, opposed to being on our deathbed and then saying: "Oh, I wish I had.... I should have done ...... why didn't I?"

I have invited Karen Hendrickson to the podcast. Karen is a Death Doula, a Coach & Educator and the Co-Founder of The Death Doula Network of BC. She is passionate about leading heart-centered death education to support us in exploring and accepting our mortality.  

We are talking about what a death doula really is, how death planning can prevent a lot of grief, additional heart ache,  emotional clutter as well as legal issues. Because no preparation creates a lot of extra burden and emotion for the people that are left behind that comes on top of and along with the grief that these people are going to carry anyways. 

We both talk of personal experiences with death and our message really is:
Why don't we begin to look at death planning from the perspective of coming from a place of love, and as a gift to those we leave behind. It is as well as a gift to ourselves, versus something to be feared.

I have witnessed and read and watched so many stories of individuals who have been so open in their conversation and their planning and preparation around death.

It can turn something that can be so feared and so limiting for us into about being together and enjoying time together and doing the things that are important to the individual that's facing end of life.

As sad and as difficult as it was for all of us to be in her home packing things up, it also was kind of healing, because we were doing exactly what she wished for. ~Karen Hendrickson

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Karen Hendrickson

Karen Hendrickson is a Death Doula, Coach & Educator. As Co-Founder of The Death Doula Network of BC she is passionate about leading heart-centered death education to support others in exploring and accepting their mortality.

Her work allows others to not only complete meaningful end of life planning but also inspires them to live and love more fully right now. 

As a Death Doula and a Licensed Willow End of Life Educator, Karen is an accredited member of the End of Life Doula Association of Canada, The National End of Life Doula Alliance, and The Death Doula Ontario Network. She is committed to a regulated and monitored scope of practice for the emerging Death Doula Profession.

Karen has certification as a Grief & Loss Support Group Facilitator, hospice volunteer training, and has participated in SFU’s End of Life Studies program.  

Website * FacebookInstagram  *  LinkedIn  *  The Death Doula Network BC 


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