April 5, 2021

Peaceful Parenting with Celia Kibler


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Peaceful parenting starts with the intention that it's going to change now, because what we do now will affect generations to come. 

Celia is a Family Empowerment Coach and the Founder of Pumped Up Parenting and Funfit® Family Fitness.  She is here to tell us how to stop yelling at our kids and start creating calm within our family. And her simple reason is, because

We are raising adults, not children! ~Celia Kibler

And Celia knows what she's talking about, she is the Mom of 5 kids (now all in their 30’s); 2 she gave birth to & 3 she gained from marriage; as well as a Grandma of 9 and she has been successfully parenting a blended family for over 25 years. 

Celia is on a mission to stop 1,000,000 parents from yelling at their kids, and she also says it all starts with us and the way we are parenting and understanding our child and the intention that this is going to change from now on. 

We talk about

  • What we do now will affect generations to come
  • How every benefit a child needs to grow, can be gained through play and 
  • Why laughter is the best medicine

Because people are saying "kids don't come with a manual" ... so I wrote one. 

There is a whole chapter in there on having fun and playing with your kids and the benefits. People don't realize how many benefits there are to just play. Every benefit that a child needs to grow can be gained through play. There isn't one thing that's left off that list. 

So play more, have fun more, lauch more.

Even if you don't have children of your own, this is an important conversation to listen in and then to share with your family and friends, so we all can help Celia on her mission to stop parents from yelling at their kids. 

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Celia Kibler

is a Best-Selling Author, a Family Empowerment Coach and the Founder of Pumped Up Parenting and Funfit® Family Fitness.

Her book, RAISING HAPPY TODDLERS: How to Build Great Parenting Skills and Stop Yelling at Your Kids (a long awaited manual for parents) is available for purchase from Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

She has written 3 children’s books (also available on Amazon) to enhance development for kids… BEING DIFFERENT IS FUN, I AM GRATEFUL & ALL ABOUT ME.Celia believes that the more parents understand their children, as well as their own limitations and behaviors, the better they can communicate and relate, and build a respectful, nurturing, fun environment for everyone in their family.

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