April 26, 2021

Building a Life We Don’t Need to Escape From with John Sovec

Love your life, and build a life you don't need to escape from!

I am very excited to welcome John Sovec as a guest to the podcast and our topic is building a life we don't need to escape from.  

John did just that, he was an actor, a singer a dancer, a yoga teacher, then he worked in top management for companies like Disney and Paramount and others. Now he is a therapist/coach in private practice in Pasadena California who works with clients on career transitions, goal setting, and motivation.

He's also the author of multiple publications, he is an internationally recognized speaker, but most of all, very kind, compassionate and a fun person to talk to. 

In our conversation we talked about

  • how intuition sounds within us
  • tips on how we can quiet the negative voice in our head
  • how to make an important decision
  • how to use our body for information
  • and so much more
When we look at negative stories that are holding us back, we can start to address them head on. For example being aware and detecting that I am being influenced or affected by a negative voice that is based by something a school teacher said to me when I was in high school. That's the kind of meat and potatoes that we can get into and then say, Wow, I'm not going to let that teacher have control over my choice in this moment. ~John Sovec

Yes there is always a hard way to learn our lesson, and there is a smoother path. For me that smoother path came up really clear on the idea of learning at a young age to follow my intuition.

 Intuition gives us so much information, and if we can just open up our brain to listen to what our gut is telling us, it is actually amazing how quickly we can find the right direction for ourselves.

If you find value in this conversastion with John, share it with your family and friends, because if you find value in it, they will too, and sharing is caring. 

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John Sovec

John Sovec is a therapist/coach in private practice in Pasadena California who works with clients on career transitions, goal setting, and motivation. He is the clinical consultant for The Life Group LA , adjunct faculty at Phillips Graduate Institute and guest lecturer at Alliant University and USC School of Social Work. John is currently a member of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

John Sovec is the author of multiple publications, is an internationally recognized speaker,  and maintains a private practice. John is a respected trainer and presenter in the corporate, educational and non-profit sectors with over thirty years experience. John has designed professional training models and seminars for the Walt Disney Company, Paramount Studios, Pandemic Studios, Electronic Arts, and Washington Mutual,

His work has been featured on The Riki Lake Show, OWN, Bravo, FOX, The Advocate, KTLA, ABC, LA Talk Radio, The Washington Post and columns for Huffington Post and Good Therapy.

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