May 3, 2021

Leave Your Comfort Zone to Find Joy with Burcu Onaranel

I you feel something is missing from your life, maybe go on and completely change your life, leave your comfort zone and find joy. 

Burcu Onaranel is an inspirational life coach, an NLP master practitioner and also the founder of Joyy Marketing & Coaching. 

She says, even though she was living a life many would dream of with a good job, having a car, friends, a family, she still felt lost and that something was missing in her life.

So she started researching and found NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming, which is a way of changing someone's thoughts and behaviors to help them achieve desired outcomes. 

She went on to completely change her life, she moved from Turkey to the US even though she couldn't speak a word of English, she did more trainings and then opened up her own business called Joyy Marketing & Coaching. 

We talk about 

  • why she felt she needed to leave her home country to find herself
  • why she says it's important to leave one's comfort zone and whether it has to be extreme or if it can be with small simple things
  • how exercising helped her find the energy and motivation to face her challenges
  • she talks about how we can transform being frustrated or angry into a more positive mood

I felt something was missing in my life but I didn't know what it was and I didn't have any guidance to help me to get out of that darkness. 

So I started searching, doing my own research about the human mind, about psychology and ended up finding NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming, and that training changed my life. 

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Burcu Onaranel

is an Inspirational Life Coach and the owner of Joyy! Marketing and Coaching.

Joyy! helps women who are lost and stuck in their life to gain confidence and clarity about what they do professionally, find joy and own their authentic self.

Burcu is also an International & Motivational Speaker. One of her top speeches is about comfort zone. She believes that when people leave their comfort zone, they can find their authentic self.

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