May 10, 2021

The Power Of Community with Jen Robinson

The power of community includes benefits in stress-management, less anxiety, less depression and burnout, whether in-person or online.

Jen experienced the power of community when she was part of an all women's co-working space in San Diego, California a few years back. 

Then she and her family decided to move to Charleston, South Carolina and all of a sudden Jen found herself at home, alone in her office, she couldn't find a co-working space, she couldn’t find the community she was used to and decided to create it for herself.

We talk about 

  • how important community is for stress-management and 
  • whether we can get as much from online communities compared to in-person communities. 
  • how some people move from stress to anxiety to burnout and what burnout really is
  • and how for other people, burnout can manifest without the depression and anxiety, it can be more a state of severe boredom which is very different, but still burnout.
  • and how Jen says it's important to focus on prevention, before we slide all the way down.

We also cover how to get over mindset blocks, how to find your way out of anxiety and depression, and how we can spot within our community when someone is about to slide into a burnout.

One of the things I noticed with my coaching clients is that they get so caught up in the busy of their lives, and they know that something's off, they know that they're unhappy, but they don't know how to change it.

They don't even know that they need to change it. So yeah, sometimes they need that external that
external boot, to get them to say "Oh, yeah, I needed something different".

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Jen Robinson

is the creative force behind the wellness brand Peaceful Living Wellness. Her online magazine helps thousands of readers every day to lead healthy, happy lives!

As both a life-coach and business mindset coach she empowers women to break the self-defeating cycle of busy and to reconnect with their inner strength, their true needs, and to feel a deeper sense of meaning and purpose that restores their energy and motivation in life.

She is also a mom to two amazing teenagers - A.J. & Layna!

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Peaceful Living Wellness

Peaceful Living Wellness


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