May 17, 2021

Permission to Grieve with Shannon Takacs

In our culture to grieve and to talk about loss is often denied, most people are very uncomfortable to talk about it, but this has to change.

That's why I am talking with Shannon Takacs about how to grieve.  

What is grief?

Grief is the emotion that comes from loss, grief is deep sorrow. We can grieve the death of a loved one, but also the death of a pet, or the loss of an identity, for example when we retire, or when we get a divorce.

In our culture the full expression of death, loss and grief is often denied, most people don't know how to deal with it, or how to help someone that is grieving. But denying grief will never work. Shannon says.

Avoiding grief is like playing whack-a-mole. Every time you try and push it down, it pops up in a different location.

She also says, one way to normalize grief is to speak about it, and that's what we are doing in this episode.

We also talk about how Astrology helps her in her work as a death doula and also how a chart reading can help her grieving clients with compassion & empathy for themselves and others as well as how it has become a surprisingly beautiful tool in reframing their challenging storylines.

Everybody is walking around with some kind of grief on them. Whether it's the loss of a dog, a job, a divorce... there are many losses that happen in a lifetime. 

When we arn't even given the opportunity to grieve for something that's physically died, then you know for certain we are not giving any amount of time to something that wasn't even alive but that has died in our life. 

Like retirement is a death and a loss, a loss of identity, or divoce is a loss of identity, you went from being married to now being single. Or the loss of a pet people often say "well just get another dog, it's no big deal"

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Shannon Takacs

I was introduced to death, loss & grief at an early age which is what brings me to this work. Through that initial experience it became evident that I was a survivor of a broken system for death & grief support. I have witnessed first hand the tragedy that ensues, thus educating people about the psychological, emotional & spiritual impact this has on an individual, family or a community has become my passion.

Enter astrology. Studying astrology has gifted me with a new language that helps break down stigmas, shame & the guilt we carry throughout our days. On the flip side, it enables compassion & empathy for oneself & others. It has become a surprisingly beautiful tool in reframing challenging storylines for my clients.

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