July 12, 2021

From Corporate to Tarot with Ambila Nath

Ambila Nath shares her story from working in Corporate to becoming a lifecoach that uses Tarot while letting go of her limiting beliefs.

Today Ambila calls herself a multipreneur, spiritual life coach and Tarot reader. She shares her story on how she was hiding her spirituality and even had a business under a separate name to eventually "coming out of the closet" after a tragic loss in her family. 

That devastating loss helped her stop judging herself and she started to put her authentic self out into the world. And she says as soon as she embraced it herself, the world embraced it. 

  • We explore why we think we need to keep the logical and spiritual separate from each other
  • We talk about why she became a Tarot reader and what a reading with her can help us with and what topics she will not discuss
  • And she's sharing the different reasons why people come to see her and what kind of questions they are asking. 

That loss made me realize it doesn't matter anymore. I need to get out of my own way of judging myself, So I just put it out into the world and I said to myself,

I don't care, I don't care anymore what people think, I don't care what they expect, this is who I am and this is what I do. I don't want to be doing my spiritual side of things under a different alias. 

And as soon as I embraced it myself, the world embraced it. So the only person who was stopping it was me. 

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Ambila Nath

Ambila is known by her clients as ‘the girl next door of spirituality’. She is a Spiritual life style coach, serial entrepreneur, tarot reader, energy healer, paid international speaker.

She went from a 6 figure corporate job to having a spiritual lifestyle business. She knows that the greatest journey you can take is the one to build a relationship with yourself. Life isn't complicated - we are!

The key to manifesting the life you dream of. . . is knowing who you are! Ambila helps you to create, Clarity, Balance & Purpose in your life and takes away the fear and stress that you will not get the life that you deserve and dream of. She has worked with clients for over 2 decades, helping them to achieve the life they want.

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