July 26, 2021

From Chaos to Peace with Metrics with Carolyn O’Brien

As business owners we have to track and understand our metrics but we can make it more comfortable and fun by visualizing them on a dashboard. 

A lot of people roll their eyes or their face falls asleep when they hear the word metrics. In their eyes it's a dreaded and boring task that they dont' want to do. 

This is what my guest Carolyn O'Brien, an Online Business Manager and strategist, and I want to change with this conversation.

Because Carolyn found a way to take tracking and understanding metrics from dread to fun for her clients. And since finance metrics are some of the most important metrics a business owner needs to track right from the start,

I wanted to have this conversation to help you see how you too can move from Chaos to Peace with metrics and how it even can be fun.

We talk about
  • what exactly are metrics

  • why do we need to track and understand them

  • how visualizing metrics makes people more comfortable looking at them and takes the negative feelings out of tracking them

  • how metrics help you find more clarity in your business and make decisions easier

I realize that a lot of people aren't doing it, they're either scared to look at numbers or they get anxious when looking at numbers and spreadsheets.

The dashboards kind of eliminated that fear, or at least that initial fear, and it got people excited to look at things, to be able to visually see them in a dashboard.

That's how I realized that there was this need to not only understand the importance of metrics, but also be able to visualize it in a graphical way to make people feel comfortable looking at it, 

Data is the foundation of every business - make it fun with a metrics dashboard

Metrics Dashboards for episode 83 from chaos to peace with Conny podcast

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Carolyn O'Brien

Carolyn's experience comes from nine years in the corporate world working in operations, strategic partnership development, and account management. While working in corporate, Carolyn managed and built multi-million dollar partnerships through technical integrations, go-to-market strategy, and software advisement.

Now, she partners with online CEOs and business owners as a Metrics Strategist, to help them understand the numbers behind their business. Her goal is to make metrics fun - yes it's possible! - and to help business owners understand that looking at the numbers in the business is the only way to continue to grow and scale.

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