August 2, 2021

Audio Branding and How Sound Influences Us with Jodi Krangle

Sound is influencial in all parts of our life, without sound there is no caring, audio branding is the hidden gem of marketing.

My guest today is Jodi Krangle, a voice actor, singer, and the host of the podcast Audio Branding, the hidden gem of marketing.

Jodi makes a very important point early on, we can close our eyes to keep visual clutter and chaos out, but we can't really close our ears, as wearing ear plugs for long periods of time could damage your ear.

So sound influences all parts of our life and it influences our emotions, it can make us feel better, scared, or even sad. 

We talk about
  • sound in the evolution of humans
  • the influence of sound on us
  • Audio Branding
  • Sound Healing
  • and the phenomenon ASMR

All the ways that it influences us in our daily lives and it's huge. All the way down to the fact that we can't close our ears when we sleep, unless you wear earplugs but you don't want to do for a whole night because that can hurt your the inside of your ears.

We can close your eyes, we can't close our ears, which means that if there's noise outside, or just general noise like traffic noise or train noise, or there's noise of a big city or whatever we are constantly exposed to that and it influences us in both good and bad ways.

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Jodi Krangle

has been a voice actor since 2007 and has worked with clients from major brands all over the world including Dell, BBVA & Kraft.  She’s also a singer and has put out her own album of jazz, blues and traditional tunes (

Over the years, and doing what she does, she’s learned a lot about sound and how it influences people.  Her podcast on this subject is called Audio Branding: The hidden gem of marketing. 

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