August 16, 2021

Free Your Body To Heal with Sarah Lascano

Learn how energy healing can support you while decluttering and also discover and heal the root cause of your health issues.

My guest today is Sarah Lascano, an energy medicine practitioner and the owner and founder of RayZen Energy.

Sarah has helped hundreds of clients around the world recover their health and reclaim their life and in this episode we talk about how it all started with her own health challenge. 

We talk about
  • what is energy medicine 
  • why and how it works
  • how energy medicine can help us while decluttering

and we're also talking about the free mini sessions that she puts on Youtube and why those benefit you even by just watching them. 

It's basically decluttering your body from the inside, not just your thoughts but clearing out blockages so your energy can flow freely. 

Nobody had answers, that was the problem. ~Sarah Lascano

I came from a family of doctors and healthcare professionals, and medicine, always had the answer. That's where you went, you took a pill to fix things or you went to the doctor and he fixed it. But nobody had answers, all they could tell us was not eat the foods that bothered us.

The engineer in me knew that there had to be a way to unwind the breakdown that had happened in my body. So I started looking to alternative health sources, I started looking into naturopath and chiropractors and herbs and energy medicine, ultimately.

That's where I started to find improvements we used a therapeutic diet to try to heal our belly etc. Energy medicine is what finally healed a lot of our food sensitivities and got us tremendous results. So I was hooked.

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Sarah Lascano

is founder of RayZen Energy, where she is an energy medicine practitioner, medical intuitive, and best-selling author. 

She has helped hundreds of clients around the world recover their health and reclaim their life. Sarah holds engineering degrees, is the creator of the RayZen Lightwork Technique, an IET Master Instructor, and a certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

She combines her skills with knowledge of the human body to bring powerful and precise healing. It is her passion to help people discover the root cause of their health problems and move forward in health freedom.


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