September 6, 2021

Better Boundaries with Claire Nettley

Set boundaries, develop inner strength, and become more centred in who you are so you can show up fully in your life and business.

Yes, not having healthy boundaries can lead to clutter in your life, for example: 

  • physical clutter in form of gifts or inherited items that you don't love but feel obligated to receive or keep. 
  • In form of mental clutter as limiting beliefs or beliefs that other people's wishes and feelings are more important than our own
  • in form of emotional clutter by not acknowledging but surpressing our own feelings, especially anger that we were told is not ok to show and emotional clutter in form of resentments towards other people
  • and of course also as social clutter, your calendar might be chuck full with things you do for other people that there is no room for the things that matter to you, or for your self-care

My guest today is Claire Nettley and we talk about what boundaries are, how how we can figure out what our boundaries are or need to be, what happens if we have no boundaries or when we let other people violate our boundaries,

why we have so much trouble, especially as women, to set and enforce boundaries, how not let other people's reactions change our behaviour or abandon our boundaries, and of course, how to start setting your boundaries 

It's about tuning into the body, and it's also about recognizing what's going on for us. If there's anger, if there's resentment, if there's burnout 

- all of which I have suffered, which is why I'm so passionate about boundaries -

that's a sign that we've violated our own boundary or someone else's violated a boundary, It's usually us, because, we can't change anyone else's behavior, so we have to determine what we will and won't tolerate.

Listen all the way to the end to hear about Claire's own experiences with a lack of boundaries and what she suggests how you can start creating and honoring boundaries in your every day life.

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Claire Nettley

is a Coach, Speaker, Teacher & the founder of Better Boundaries. She helps women to find their voice, develop inner strength, set boundaries and become more centred in who they are so they can show up fully in their lives and relationships without losing themselves.

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