Decluttering seasonal ornaments and decorations - From Chaos to Peace

There are three good times for decluttering seasonal ornaments.

You always have the opportunity to go through and declutter regular stuff, but seasonal decoration is a little special because you don’t have it displayed year-round in your house.

When it’s packed away, chances are you will not pull out the boxes to go through it. Therefore, there are only three good times to declutter seasonal ornaments.

I also talk about why now during this corona crisis, it's now important more than ever, to surround yourself with things and people you love and create lasting memories.

Listen in and hear my take on when it is the best time for decluttering seasonal decorations and what questions to ask yourself. 

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What you'll discover in this episode

  • Why it is important right now, during this corona crisis, more than ever, to surround ourselves with things we love
  • How and when to actually declutter seasonal ornaments and decorations
  • The questions to ask yourself while decluttering


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