September 20, 2021

Blossom from Shoulds to Wants

How to make peace and let go of the shoulds, the mental and emotional clutter, and start living the life we want.

My guest is Sheila VanZile who wrote a book called "My Waterfall of Awakening - How loss can bring you home to the life you want".  

It is kind of an autobiography about the relationship she had with her love-withholding mother and how she explores forgiveness, trust, faith, self-love, grief, hope and much more after her mothers passing.

We talk about 

  • how to make peace with people we have or had a challenging relationship with
  • how to let go of the mental and emotional clutter 
  • so we can start living the life we want

Some of it is learning about self-love

I had been gifted generations of self loathing through my mother, it's about how to turn that into self love. About how to turn that into a loving relationship, and things about trust, about grief , about finding your path, about assessing your friendships, and about forgiving your mother. 

Not every lesson in the book applies to every woman. but, I'm hopeful that there will be a subset that resonate and that people will be able to embrace this opportunity to move into, to step into, a life of really doing what we want.

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Sheila VanZile

Sheila VanZile joined the first generation of career women in the ’70s, emerging from their homesgifted with the ability to juggle real careers and family. She served as a high-level executive, business owner, community volunteer, and gracious hostess, but the truth beneath her seemingly successful and satisfying life was a different story.

Dissatisfied, unfulfilled at 60, and having neglected her own needs for decades, Sheila suffered toxic relationships and embarked on a journey that she hopes will spark a deliberate and fruitful search for your style of awakening, too.

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