September 27, 2021

Decluttering with Mercury in retrograde

Some things are more likely to go wrong during Mercury in retrograde but other things are supportive for your journey from chaos to peace.

I did a blog post about Mercury in retrograde back in 2017 (you can find it here) and now I elaborated on it a bit and created a short and sweet podcast episode. 

We all have heard what sounds like you need to put your life on hold and stay in bed for 3 weeks while Mercury is retrograde, but of course that makes no sense. 

While there are some things that are more likely to go wrong or get delayed and you want to be aware of: 

Mercury rules communication, contracts, agreements, transportation, scheduling, and technology!

there is a positive and supportive side to this that can help you make progress in life and business and your journey from chaos to peace. 

Before we start I just want to mention: Whether or not  you "believe" in Mercury retrograde or are someone who puts this all off as complete nonsense (which is totally fine with me) you could still continue reading and then do what I am suggesting to do, my decluttering tips in this article are helpful either way.

I want to make you aware of the energies that are affecting all of us right now and how to take advantage of them on your decluttering journey. But first, let's look what things in those areas I mentioned above are more likely to go wrong, or get delayed.

Communication, contracts, agreements

  • communicating is harder
  • listening seems harder
  • misunderstandings happen
  • we are more forgetful
  • we are less patient, and have a shorter fuse 


  • you could miss a train or plane connection
  • your car breaks down
  • you are late for meetings/appointments no matter how early you leave
  • or you have a missunderstanding when or where the appointment or meeting takes place


In short, in life and business Mercury’s retrograde periods can cause your plans to go awry or topsy turfy how my friend Michelle would say.

But that doesn't mean you need to be worried, or stop living and working, it simply means, you want to be especially flexible and for example 

  • plan in extra time for travel, leave extra early to get to meetings and appointments.
  • Be mindful patient and understanding when communicating, for example re-read emails and text messages twice to see if they express what you really intend to say. Ask clarifying questions before you get ticked off or insulted by something someone says to you.
  • If possible you might also want to avoid signing important contracts especially if you are a bit unsure about it. Remember misunderstandings... you might also not understand 100% what you are signing. You can review contracts, projects and plans, it might be just better to wait to make final decisions or start new projects and plans until Mercury is direct again.

But like everything Mercury retrograde also has its good side, there are some things that these energies are very beneficial for - one of them being clutter clearing, especially wrapping up started things or fixing broken items.

Clutter Clearing during Mercury retrograde

Unfinished things and projects and items in need of fixing are an often overlooked category of clutter but we all have them, - listen to episode #2 to hear about this type of clutter. 

During Mercury retrograde it is a good time to clean up and finish these things and projects, so lets look into it in more detail:

Physical space

You don't want to decide to get rid of dilemma items that you are agonizing over for the past few months already, now is not the right time, you really might to regret your decision.

Instead: Do a love tour, try to see your home and office with fresh eyes, then reflect on it, maybe journal about it, what are your thoughts about your space? How do you feel in your space? If you don't know what a love tour is, listen to episode #4 of this podcast. Do you have a leaky faucet? Or a drawer that is stuck? Or a light bulb that burned out? Now is the time to get this taken care of and fixed. 

Since Mercury also rules transportation, how about you declutter and clean your car, maybe go get that overdue oil change, fill up the windshield washing fluid, check the pressure in your tires. Do what you can so that the car doesn't break down.


How big is your pile of papers that you need to "one day" go through throw out what is not needed and file what you need to keep? Start with 5 minutes a day and process these papers, or challenge yourself to process 10 or 20 pieces of papers a day, just make sure, if in doubt, don't throw it out, but I would bet there is still a lot that can be let go and recycled.

Do you know where all your and your important documents are? Do you have it all in one place ready to grab and run in case of an emergency? If not you might want to start collecting and securing them. I will most likely create a podcast episode for this but for now check out this blog post.

Digital Files

Because Mercury also rules technology, think computers, cell phones etc, you want to back up your data like asap, now, to make sure if something happens, your data is safe.

I have a blog post on how I back up my computer and cell phone, it's not rocket science and can save you a lot of hassle, just ask someone who's computer died and they had no backup.

If you are an online entrepreneur, how many started online courses do you have that you never finished? Or maybe you did finished them but the implementation to-do list is lost somewhere in the stacks of papers that pile up on your desk.... I know that is one area I struggle with clutter because I can't keep up with my curious brain who wants to read the next book or take the next course before I even had a chance to implement what I learned.

Social environment

If you say family and friends are important to you, review your schedule, are you putting enough of your energy into them or have you become overextended in other areas such as your career or volunteering which leaves almost no time for your spouse and children?  


For example, if you say health is important go review your schedule and ask yourself, do I really prioritize my health? Do I take enough breaks, do I try to make my life flow with ease, do I practice decluttering is self-love to reduce my stress levels or do I let others dictate what I do and when?

Mental & Emotional Health

Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity to look inward, reviewing and reevaluating your circumstances and intentional or unintentional choices, as well as letting go of limiting beliefs and stories that keep us stuck, which is mental clutter. 

So do slow down, which will help avoid mis-communications, or mishaps of all kinds as much as it is within your power. Take time to reflect on where you are and where you are headed, are you on the right path?

It's an excellent time to take a step back and to review who you are and what you are doing, to become more aware and mindful, just don't make any drastic changes until after retrograde has ended.

Let's summarize

during the 3 weeks of Mercury retrograde you want to

a) slow down and be very aware that Mercury rules communication, contracts, agreements, transportation, scheduling and technology and keep in mind that things in those areas are more likely to go wrong or get delayed.

b) instead of starting new projects and signing important contracts, rather wrap up and bring already started projects ton an end, fix minor broken thinkgs, and step back and review what you are doing, who you are becoming and where you are heading to make sure that's really what you want and aligned with your values and priorities. 

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