October 11, 2021

From Burnout to Balance with Rhianna Campbell

Rhianna was at the point of burnout, she says, and had to learn new ways of how to be successful without overworking herself.

Burnout is a result of social clutter.

On her website it says 'Increase your profits, reduce your stress' and Rhianna knows what she's talking about. As a busy business woman she was at the point of burnout, she says, and had to learn new ways of how to be successful without overworking herself. 

We talk about

  • how we are used to overwork ourselves coming from the corporate world
  • whether or not a bigger house and more stuff makes us happier
  • multitasking and what to do when you have constantly new ideas that try to distract you from what you want to accomplish
  • her Power 5 method, a way how she stays focused 

I think that we've gotten so used to being treated badly by others and then treating ourselves badly that I wasn't equipped to treat myself well.

I had to learn how to treat myself well and part of that is understanding my energy and understanding when it's low and when I'm high and when I'm okay and when I need to go take a walk or when I need to be out in nature when I need to give myself, you know, a long bath or listen to some music and boost myself up. 

I had to really figure that out, and it's still a journey that I'm on because I think, old habits always creep back in. Really being able to recognize that, and being more thoughtful about that, is kind of the key to that. ~Rhianna Campbell

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Rhianna Campbell

has been supporting the growth of small businesses for over twenty years. As a coach, investor and entrepreneur, she draws from her years of extensive professional and real-life experience as well as her strong educational background.

After building, growing, and then selling a multimillion dollar business, she started Proper Planning LLC, a consultancy assisting entrepreneurs across the world define and find business freedom.Rhianna is a teacher at heart. She has developed and led workshops for a variety of organizations and presented at national conferences. 

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