November 1, 2021

Laugh More, Stress Less with Kim McIntyre

Laugh more, stress less, and enjoy life NOW. You can reclaim joy and savor the sweetness of life even in unexpected tough times.

My guest, Kim McIntyre, is a certified laughter leader and certified stress reduction specialist who shows people how to laugh more and stress less, so they can enjoy life NOW.

In our conversation we talk about: 

  • a key piece to know so we can laugh more
  • the mistake most people make around laughing
  • what's the difference between happiness and joy
  • why we don't laugh enough or experience enough joy
  • the benefits of laughing and joy
  • what thoughts (aka mental clutter) keeps people from laughing more

Kim has also suggestions on what to do if you really have a hard time finding more joy in your life or more things to laugh about and how we can pass on the gift of laughter.

The key piece to begin with is to recognize that you're maybe not laughing as much as you would like to.

Then to add to that awareness, be more aware of what actually makes you laugh. 

I'd actually say start a list. Write down a few things, that make you laugh, and then add to it as you notice, that way when you're like craving a good laugh, you can go to your list and go: "okay, I'm going to call so and so because our conversations are usually filled with laughter"

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Kim McIntyre

Kim McIntyre is a Joyful Living Teacher who shows people how to laugh more and stress less, so they can enjoy life NOW. Over the last 20 years Kim has taught thousands of people how to crack themselves up and feel like happy dancing!

She helps people to reclaim joy and savor the sweetness of life — even if they’ve been through unexpected tough times that have knocked the wind out of their sails.

You can download her Free Play-Sheet with 10 Questions to Rediscover Joy:

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