December 12, 2022

Blind and Badass – Accessibility & Inclusivity with Danielle Main

Let's talk accessibility and inclusivity with my blind guest Danielle Main. How accessible and inclusive is your business and website? Are you welcoming blind people or is your unintentional message that you don't care about them and that you don't want their business? 

My guest is Danielle Main, #blindandbadass entrepreneur; dog trainer, disability advocate, rower & equestrian, and an RMT (registered massage therapist). 

Making sure our business and website offers accessibility and inclusivity for blind people can be very overwhelming. If you are like me you don't even know where to start so you procrastinate or stick your head in the sand. 

Luckily it's Danielle's passion to help making every business inclusive and accessible and so I invited her to the podcast to learn how and where we start making that happen. 

We talk about: 

  • what it means to her to be #blindandbadass 
  • some of the ridiculous things people do when they realize Danielle is blind
  • what to do and say instead and why consent is a big deal
  • how physical clutter could be dangerous for her
  • how blind people are navigating websites and social media (do you know?) 
  • what happens when we don't put alt-text on our images when we post them on our website or on the social media 
  • a funny example where a website was missing a "period" a punctuation on their website and how as a result their whole message was different for blind people 
  • the easiest solve for the brick-and-mortar businesses to be inclusive and accessible 
  • her Leash of Hope charity where they train and place service dogs to people with disabilities, how to recognize a service or guide dog and how to behave around it

I hope you enjoy this episode and if you find value in what Danielle is talking about, please share it with your business network, because if you find value in it, they will too. ❤️

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Danielle Main

is a blind RMT, entrepreneur and disability advocate. Through her charity Leash of Hope Assistance Dogs, she rescues dogs and trains them to be guide or service dogs for people with a wide variety of disabilities.

In 2019 Danielle’s charitable work was recognized by L’Oreal with the Women of Worth Award. Running Leash of Hope has facilitated her knowledge and expertise in working and advocating for people who face life with limitations but still strive to live their fullest lives. 

She is also an active participant in adapted sport such as equestrian sports, blind hockey, guided running and is currently training as a competive rower. Danielle’s expertise has been utilized in seminars and workshops for professional associations such as Music Therapy BC, Langara College RMT program and is currently the Coordinator for adaptive combat sport  programs for Hero Academy.

Danielle's passion for making every business inclusive is the driving force for her clientele and community. 

Website   *   Instagram   *   TikTok

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