June 26, 2023

Achieve Greatness Through Depth Healing with Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

Reprogramming the mind, overcoming any mental blocks and achieve greatness all done for you by Dr. G - sounds like a dream? Listen in: 

This time I welcome Dr. Grant Rex Kruhly - Dr. G for short - as a guest.

Dr. G. is the Founder of Depth Healing, a proven system of Applied Quantum Physics that uses cutting-edge science and consciousness to help individuals achieve personal and professional greatness.

I am very excited to share this episode with you, this is a special way of clearing clutter. We are talking about clearing subconscious beliefs, limiting beliefs, that sabotage us and Dr. G says he has the ability, he has developed a way with Depth Healing, to clear those sabotaging wiring FOR us. 

Dr. G has all the answers, he has had the real and direct experiences and the  got the expertise of what we're talking about while all I can hope is that I asked 'good' questions. And with good questions I mean the questions that you would have wanted to ask him if you had the opportunity because the answers interest you.  
Dr. G talks about:

  • rewiring the brain and what that means 
  • his personal experience of the transformative power when his mind was rewired
  • the reasons why we don't keep New Year's resolutions or intentions or reach out goals that we have set even if we have been to inspirational events of for example Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard
  • the one-word answer the Universe has for all of us to any request
  • why there is no such thing as a victim and he explains what he means with that statement
  • how we can know what is in our subconscious mind and
  • while he says we can't really win against our subconscious mind or clear it of limiting beliefs (that's why he developed Depth Healing and can do it for us) he still gives us an excercise that we can do ourselves

I hope you enjoy this very special episode and if you find value in what Dr. G. and I are talking about, please share it with your business network, friends and family, because if you find value in it, they will too. ❤️

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Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

the founder of Depth Healing Technology, has been studying and training in his multi-discipline crafts of Health, Quantum Science, Personal Development (the areas of awakening, business success and goal achievement, psychology, stress, athletic performance, martial prowess), Consciousness and Brain Research, Classical Japanese Sword, Zen, Aikido, Oneness and Deeksha, Energy Psychologies, Brain Reprogramming, Military Science, Quantum Biology, Ecosystems, and Spiritual Mystical Experiences for over 51 years.

His Depth Healing Process uses cutting edge quantum physics to help individuals remove cognitive dissonance from their subconscious minds. With the cognitive dissonance removed from their subconscious mind, limiting beliefs, traumas, negative thought patterns and perceptions no longer influence or affect their lives. The emotional and energetic blockages that were holding them back from achieving their goals and living fulfilling lives no longer exist.

All this is achieved using a proprietary selection of specific frequencies that Dr. Kruhly channels via the Quantum Unified Field. This elevates the client’s perceptions which raises their consciousness and vibration which engages the law of Resonance causing success, health, and positive change to follow automatically. Dr. Kruhly guides clients towards a state of coherence and alignment with their true selves and purpose allowing them to experience profound personal transformation, health and growth in whatever area they are challenged.

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