September 18, 2023

How AI Helps Us Get Rid Of Thinking and Focus Instead on Human Connection with Manuj Aggarwal

In this episode I talk with Manuj Aggarwal about how AI helps us get rid of thinking and how we need to focus instead on human connection. 

I am very excited to welcome Manuj Aggarwal as a guest on the podcast today. Manuj is a global thought leader who has been in AI for 15 years and has 4 patents in AI.

When you listen in you'll  gain profound insight into AI, if we need to be scared that AI takes over (Spoiler: it has already taken over) and whether or not AI will ever comprehend emotions, Manuj takes a firm stand, and it may surprise you.

Also, if you're a small business owner curious about integrating AI into your operations, this conversation offers practical advice that could redefine your approach. Manuj lays out a roadmap in 3 steps, identifying where AI could be applied to free you from repetitive tasks, and how it can help you ask better, deeper questions.

As we wrap up, Manuj predicts the future of AI—it's a brave new world of driverless cars and no thinking!
Are you ready to leap into the future? Tune in and discover how AI is changing us and the world.

I hope you enjoy this very episode and if you find value in what Manuj and I are talking about (and I can't see how you don't) please share it with your friends and family, because if you find value in it, they will too. ❤️ Sharing is Caring. 

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Manuj Aggarwal

is a global thought leader who has been in AI for 15 years and has 4 patents in AI? He has served clients like Microsoft, IBM, Pearson Education, and more, producing $500 million in value for them. His work has impacted over 10 million lives and has been mentioned by the likes of President Obama and Bill Gates.

He grew up in India and went from $2/day to the boardrooms of Fortune 500. With his deep knowledge and experience, he can break down complex topics so that even a 10-year-old can understand them (he says)  – which means his audience will be learning and loving every minute of it! 

He's also a loving parent and ambitious overachiever, 

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