August 15, 2022

Batching versus Procrastinating

A lot of experts tell us that batching increases productivity, but my experience is that it often leads to procrastinating, in this episode I explain why. 

In last week's episode Stress Less, Do More Blaine was talking about single tasking, multi tasking and batch tasking. 

The advantages that batching can offer are:

  • batching decreases procrastination (... they say)  
  • increases our creativity
  • decreases distraction
  • boosts productivity
  • saves us time
  • and it cuts down stress

All good things, but it has never really worked that well for me. It reminds me of a blog post that I wrote way back 7 years ago in August 2015 called "Are you batching or procrastinating" because there is a risk that instead of batching we start procrastinating.

So in this episode I talk about why I say you might end up procrastinating instead of batch tasking (batching) if you are not careful, intentional, and disciplined. 

What you'll discover in this episode

  • What is batching? 
  • What are the benefits of batching? 
  • Why I say batching can lead to procrastination and what to do instead. 
  • Check out my blog post from 2015: Are you batching or procrastinating


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