October 9, 2023

Breathe Your Way To More Peace with Teri Leigh

Breathe your way to more peace and find out how my guest Teri Leigh brings colors back into life through her unique perspective on the chakra system.

My guest Teri Leigh is a Mindfulness Coach and she says she brings the colours back into your life. She makes yoga, meditation, mindfulness and shamanism easy and accessible and most of all sensical to the average everyday modern human being.

The average Jane and Joe who need mindfulness aren't going to get it because it doesn't make sense in their daily lives and they don't have the time or focus to do pretzel positions or sit their tush-to-the-cush for 30 minutes at a time. ~Teri Leigh

Teri created the MOZI Method, a series of 7 body-mind-breath exercises that each take 30-seconds or less and can be practiced anywhere and anytime to reset your nervous system, balance your chakras, and shift your energy in the moment that issues arise...while also having long-term lasting effects.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • how the best way she knows how to declutter our mind is through breathing
  • how to word an affirmation the right way to be able to let go of mental clutter
  • how major life transitions are an upgrade to our chakra system and what she means by that
  • why and how she became an elder at age 36
  • and we talk about her journey of downsizing so she can manage less, she did that after she became an elder and her relationship to finances and material *stuff* changed 

I hope you enjoy this very episode and if you find value in what Teri and I are talking about (and I can't see how you don't) please share it with your friends and family, because if you find value in it, they will too. ❤️ Sharing is Caring. 

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Teri Leigh

As a Mindfulness Coach and Chakras Expert, Teri is a wisdom weaver, monkey mind shusher, stress whisperer, happiness amplifier, and negativity crusher. She helps spiritually minded sensitive souls through critical life events and major life changes such as divorce or break-up, grief and loss, career shifts or retirement, caring for a sick loved one, or significant health challenges and body changes.

She has taught over 200,000 students and worked privately with over 2000 clients. With a Master's Degree in Teaching, over 20 years experience in yoga & mindfulness, and a passion for neuroscience and brain & nervous system training, she provides a scientific and practical approach to personal growth teachings.

Her simple and practical step-by-step integrative mindfulness methodology is unprecedented and is based on decades of practice in anatomy, physiology, neuro-plasticity, linguistics, chakra energetics, yoga, meditation, and ancient indigenous wisdoms.

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