October 21, 2015

Elegant Finances

A few weeks back I shared a conversation that I had with Maggie Graham from Career Design and Coaching on this blog.

Last night the table was turned and I was a guest on Alex Inchbald‘s BreakFree Creativity Show on blab (a live-streaming platform). Alex, who is an extreme artist, paints in extreme locations around the world to find out if it’s possible to be creative everywhere. His insight is


It doesn’t matter

what you do. Or where you are.

Everyone can be creative everywhere.


This is exactly how I think too ! 


Tune into our conversation if you want to hear how Creativity, Clutter Clearing, Permaculture and Lunar Cycles all flow together in my work to help my clients tame their file monster and solve their financial puzzle. We talk about:

  • why mindset is the biggest challenge to tackle when it comes to paperwork and finances
  • why helping people understand finances is not a daunting task
  • why processes and habits free you up and have a positive effect on everybody around you
  • how Creativity prevents you of having sleepless nights

click on the video below and get inspired.



02:45  I talk about what I am up to and what gets me excited these days in terms of financial advice

04:45  Alex asks me what I see as the biggest challenges my clients face on a daily basis

06:05  What my clients particularly get excited about working with me

08:15  How close do I get waving the magic wand for my clients?

11:25  How having processes and systems in place has an effect on everybody around you

12:55  We explore how I help my clients specifically

15:20  What Finances and paperwork have to do with Clutter Clearing

17:00  How I use creativity to unlock my clients financial potential

19:25  When do the best ideas come to me?

21:15  How does the fact, that I live on a ranch, impact the work that I do?

23:00  A glimpse into our Permaculture Paradise

27:xx  About the parallels between the work on our ranch and the work I am do with my clients

29:30  How is my work different in big corporations compared to smaller businesses

33:30  Alex asks me about the course I took the week before in the Austrian Alps

37:40  What paper clutter and de-cluttering it has to do with detoxing our body and minds

38:35  How Corporations can de-clutter

41:00  Where do I see my Future?

43:10  My advice for people who want to be more location independent

47:00  How 9 hours time difference between me and my client was actually a good thing

51:30  What the big things are I am working on for next year

53:30  How certain days are better than others to deal with paperwork and finances

55:30  Final words, here I talk about what my whole goal is for my clients

56:40  My ultimate last tip for


Now over to you, what is your situation with paperwork and finances, what is your story around it? Did you develop creative ways how to deal with it or are you still in the hole struggling? Let’s continue the discussion in the comments below.


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