August 21, 2023

How To Prosper And Manifest Miracles with Victoria Rader

How to manifest miracles with the 35 Universal Laws from Victoria Rader's book Prosper mE that will bring clarity to your life and finances.

Join me and the amazing Victoria Rader, an 8x international bestselling author and possibility coach (who is globally recognized along with Brene Brown, Richard Branson, and Jack Canfield) on a journey of transformation as we unpack her book, Prosper Me.

We delve deep into practical applications of setting intentions and Victoria provides us with three guiding questions that are sure to change our daily life. Alongside this, we discuss why and how the law of space can be a game-changer for your abundance.

Then we uncover how the law of trading value impacts our spending habits and how we perceive value. We also explore the law of giving and receiving, where Victoria reveals why receiving is the ultimate form of giving.

We talk about:

  • The Law of intention
  • The Law of Abundance
  • The Law of Space
  • The Law of Spending
  • The Law of Trading Value
  • The Law of Receiving and
  • of course The Law of Gratitude

and so much more

I hope you enjoy this very episode and if you find value in what Victoria and I are talking about (and I can't see how you don't) please share it with your friends and family, because if you find value in it, they will too. ❤️ Sharing is Caring. 

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Victoria Rader, Ph.D. Possibility Coach™

transformational speaker and founder of YU2SHINE empowers coaches, entrepreneurs, and spiritual seekers to manifest miracles by uncovering and solving underlying hidden problems and patterns with innovative possibilities, reigniting PASSION and expanding PEACE, PURPOSE, and PROSPERITY.

She is an eight times internationally bestselling author who is globally recognized along with Brene Brown, Richard Branson, and others for creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, and contribution to sustainability and mental health projects with CREA GLOBAL AWARD by Brainz Magazine.

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