September 4, 2023

Leadership, Marketing Strategies & Breath Work with Braith Bamkin

This episode offers insights on marketing strategies, leadership, networking, and the importance of breathing right, and what it has to do with business success.

You've got to hear this episode! I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Braith Bamkin – a true expert in leadership, marketing strategies, and business development.

Get ready to laugh right of the bat as Braith shares an unforgettable anecdote about his run-in with none other than Tina Turner. Later in the conversation he also dives into the world of laughter yoga, which has profoundly improved a health condition he's been battling.

The bulk of the conversation is serious business talk but still with a lot of laughter. Small business owners, you're in for a treat as Braith dissects marketing strategies and the importance of having a clear vision, mission, and values. And guess what? Accountability is not a swear word! He explains why it's essential, along with a good strategy and the power of outsourcing.

Plus, Braith shares his journey of becoming a certified breath work coach and how our clothing choices can contribute to poor breathing habits.It turns out breathing has a lot to do with our business success. 

As we round off our enlightening chat, we plunge into the rapidly advancing world of personalized marketing. Discover how companies are leveraging AI to gather data from social media, the resurgence of print, and the game-changer that is gratitude marketing.

To finish off, he offers you a personal invitation - take a moment to pause, breathe, and find a little peace amid life's chaos. 

I hope you enjoy this very episode and if you find value in what Braith and I are talking about (and I can't see how you don't) please share it with your friends and family, because if you find value in it, they will too. ❤️ Sharing is Caring. 

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Braith Bamkin

is a business owner, author, and speaker who has supported over 2250 entrepreneurs in multiple industries by merging corporate and small business know-how.  

With a background in leadership, marketing, and business development, Braith provides practical strategies with a focus on helping people succeed

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