March 8, 2017

From Chaos to Peace – The La Dolce Vita Show with Heather Picken


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I was a guest on The Dolce Vita Show, how exciting!

Heather Picken and I talk about how important it is to get organized in your business. Listen in and turn the chaos into peace, money, and success.

Conny Graf & Heather Picken talk about how important it is get organized in your business. Turn the chaos into peace, money, and success. #grafetized



2:47   How I help my clients from Chaos to Peace

4:50   What you would have to do to be more organized

5:30   Why you are not successful in your business

7:45   What are the top priorities when looking at your finances

9:15   The similarities between weight loss and tracking finances

11:10  How I help you overcome your fear

14:25  The effect clutter has that occupies your space

18:50  What happens when you tackle your clutter and track your finances

21:45  Why any system is better than no system

22:20  How you can save so much money by being just a little organized

24:20  Two tips, one on how to get organized with the physical place and one for the finances


Heather Picken is an International Business Consultant, Leadership Trainer and high-end client attraction specialist. She is the founder of The Formula for Fabulous Living and has been featured on ABC, Hayhouse Radio, and FOX and she is also an Amazon Bestselling Author, her book is called Woman on Fire Entrepreneur. You can check her out at


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