October 24, 2022

Wisdom Beyond What We Know with Ulrika Sullivan

How to let go of mental chatter and chaos and trust our heart, intuition, inner wisdom and knowing with Ulrika Sullivan. 

I'm talking with Ulrika Sullivan, a former scientist turned intuitive spiritual life coach, yoga teacher, and energy healer. 

Ulrika says she was driven by the mind (where chaos often starts) but is now living from the heart and intuition (where peace starts). Can you imagine a better guest for a podcast that is called from chaos to peace?

This is a special conversation as you will see, also a very deep one. In essence we are talking about how to let go of mental clutter and chaos and start listening to the heart instead.

Ulrika wrote a book called "Widsom Beyond What You Know", and here is a quote from the book: 

Instead of being driven by what I can tangibly accomplish, what others think of me, or what others say is the right way to succeed, my inner voice of guidance provides a steady flow of gentle nudges, inner calm, and self-love—all of it within an unbreakable invisible shield of protection around me.

So here is what we are talking about: 

  • how most of us are living a template instead of our authentic self
  • how we know when we act from the mind not from the heart
  • how we can recognize the signs that guide us to the next right thing to do
  • she shares with us a simple and easy practice we can do to get in touch with our intuition and our heart
  • what to do if you are scared to hear what your heart has to say
  • and how our heart, intuition and inner knowing will protect us if we let it

I hope you enjoy this episode and if you find value in what Ulrika and I are talking about, please share it with a friend or family member, because if you find value in it, they will too. ❤️

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Ulrika Sullivan

is a former scientist turned author, intuitive spiritual life coach, yoga teacher, and energy healer. She is passionate about helping busy women to connect with their intuition, energy, and true selves to find inner calm, self-love, and life balance so that they can live from the heart with more ease and flow.

Ulrika is the author of Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition, the creator of the New Light Living - See Your Life in a New Light podcast and founder of the Beyond the Mind membership community. 

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