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Elements for Self-Growth with Tara Brown

The 5 foundational elements of self-growth is the topic of todays episode. How to overcome depression and live a happier life.  We continue with the theme we started last week about happiness and releasing mental clutter like limiting beliefs. But first I want to thank Monica for her 5-star review Thank you so much for your kind […]

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Happiness Is A Form Of Courage with Kristi Andrus

Happiness is a form of courage, because the challenges of happiness is you really have to prioritize your needs first. What does that have to do with decluttering? Well as my guest Kristi Andrus says, when you want to be a working mom you basically sign up for two full time jobs. And that just means that […]

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Stop Stressing about Dressing with Scarlett de Bease

Stop stressing about dressing Today we are talking about clothes again. My absolute most downloaded episode is #26 Too many clothes and nothing to wear. If you haven’t listened to that episode yet, go do that after this one. I am very excited to welcome Scarlett de Bease to the show. She is a personal wardrobe […]

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Improve Your Mindset with Paul Forchione

Improve your Mindset – something we all need This is a bonus episode, as I usually release a new episode every Monday but in September already I published an extra episode on the last day of the month, and so I am doing the same this month. As we are heading into winter here on the north […]

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The Benefits of Strategic Planning with Michelle Hanton OAM

I am very excited to welcome Michelle Hanton OAM to the show today. Michelle is a multi-award winning business strategist, an innovator, a mentor and a facilitator of strategic planning workshops that provide a crystal clear pathway to achieving goals – large and small.  We will talk about how she found her jam with strategic planning […]

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Live Your Bucket List Now with Leanne Blaney

Live a brave and limitless life and live your Bucket List now instead of someday. I admit, my first thought when I hear Bucket List is I think of the 2007 movie The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. But from now on I will think of Leanne Blaney, a certified Bucket List Coach. Leanne […]

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Can you be sentimental and live clutter-free?

After a few interview episodes in a row, this is going to be one with only me. I am talking about being sentimental and the worry of regret when decluttering, because that came up in my survey on why you struggle declutter clothes.I explore the difference between regret and being sentimental and answer the question […]

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Based on a True Story with Dan LeFebvre

Today’s episode is special, I release it on purpose on September 30, 2020 in celebration of the International Podcast Day. My last episode was called “Take a Leap” and when I started my podcast beginning of this year I was definitely leaping and with this episode on this International Podcast Day I want to celebrate […]

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