Make a Smarter To-do List

Are you surprised to hear that you can declutter your to-do list and make it smarter and more actionable as well? Maybe you think of a to-do list simply a list with everything you need to do. You write everything down what you think you have to do now and in the future and what you […]

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Declutter Your Office with Linda Edgecombe

As part of her November Decluttering Project Linda Edgecombe, one of the top motivational keynote speakers in the word!, chatted with me about what clutter does to our productivity and creativity.We talk about 1:45 – why clutter often creeps back in after decluttering2:45 – where my eye goes first when I walk into an office6:00 – […]

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How to Do Laundry – My Simple System with a Twist

How to do laundry and deal with clothes so that it doesn’t become an overwhelming task is something I got asked quite a bit lately, so here is my system.As I write this we are in the middle of a 5-Day Clutter Clearing Challenge in the bedroom in my Facebook Community. Before I started the challenge […]

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Stop Clutter from Creeping Back in with This Habit

Image Source: Photo by Gades Photography on UnsplashHow do you stop clutter from creeping back into your home and/or office? This is a question I’m asked a lot and you might be wondering too. Have you spent hours, or a whole Saturday afternoon decluttering your home or office, organizing your papers and files, and tidying everything […]

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How to achieve goals like a boss

Image Source: pexels.comA study suggests suggests we need to change our approach on how to achieve goals by stop focusing on the goals itself and rather focus on the processes and habits. I was scanning an article recently about productivity when a sub-headline caught my attention:   Stop focusing on your goals!  What? Wait a minute…I thought Are we not […]

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