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How Perfectionism Gets In Your Way with Dr. Camila Williams

Perfectionism is self-sabotage! But what is the difference between a high achiever and a perfectionist, and how is it all related to procrastination?  I am talking to Dr. Camila Williams, she is a psychologist who has specialized in perfectionism, anxiety, and stress management.  I’ve talked about this before, how mental clutter in form of limiting beliefs, […]

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The Only One Stopping You Is You with CJ Lopez

My guest Christina, or CJ, an Air Force Retired Master Sergeant who has found her passion for giving back to people.  When asked who she is, she says “I am imperfectly perfect and free”. But she wasn’t always that way, she grew up in a chaotic household and she was full of doubts and limiting beliefs. […]

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The Truth About Things That Suck with Mindy Henderson

Adversity is a distraction in and of itself, because the challenges we overcome cultivate the skills we need to achieve our goals.  Today’s guest, Mindy Henderson,  made it her mission is to move and inspire people to realize when they take responsibility and OWN their adversity, they become better, stronger people and their potential is revealed. […]

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It Only Works If You Do The Work

  Here we are already in February, how are you doing with your intentions goals and New Years resolutions for 2021? Are you still working on them or are part of the 80% who abandoned them by January 19 or part of the additional 15% who give up before the end of January?   Yes […]

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Becoming Brave with Alex Ray

Becoming brave requires us to face our insecurities, and to build confidence by doing one little brave thing at a time. I am very excited to welcome Alex Ray to the podcast, Alex is a bravery coach.  If you are in my world for a little while you know that my word for the year 2020 […]

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Create Harmony In Your Environment With Meena Jagpal-Paré

Create harmony in your environment with Feng Shui, remove clutter so the chi can flow freely, and bring in abundance and prosperity. Today I am very excited to welcome Meena from Momentum Feng Shui to the podcast.  Meena is a Feng Shui Consultant and trained in classical Feng Shui. She has used Feng Shui to create more Love, […]

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Kick-start 2021 In A Positive Way

Happy New Year! Here we are in 2021, leaving 2020 behind. I hear a lot of people saying that they are happy 2020 is over, they are so glad to see the back of it. But things won’t miraculously be different now that it’s 2021, we are still dealing with the same things we did […]

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Slow Down To Speed Up with Eunice Martel

Slow down to speed up! We are now in the week in between the years, Christmas is behind us and the New Year is ahead of us, lets all slow down and take a pause, because taking a pause is the best thing you can do to speed up in 2021. I talk with my guest Eunice Martel about […]

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Be Confident as an HSP and Empath with Linda Binns

Be confident as an HSP and Empath 20% of the population has the trait of high sensitivity⁣⁣, and while 2020 was challenging for everyone on so many levels, it has been especially hard for intuitives, empaths and highly sensitive people. ⁣⁣⁣⁣My guest this week on the podcast is Linda Binns, a fellow HSP and Empath. Together […]

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