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Take A Leap with Jessica Coulthard

Take a leap, overcome your limiting beliefs and reach your goals and dreams.  I’ve had a lot of guests on my podcast lately that on first sight have nothing to do with decluttering. But in my world, as I talked about it in Episode 2 “What is Clutter”, there is so much more to clutter than […]

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The Gifts and Benefits of Forgiveness with Julie Leto

You might wonder, what does forgiveness have to do with clutter or decluttering.  Well turns out a lot but that’s not the only topic we are discussing. Dr. Julie Leto has extensive Neuro-Strategic training and learned from her research that a majority of our actions are automated and that becoming aware and changing these is […]

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Clearing Up Food Confusion with Suz Carpenter

I am very excited to welcome Suzanne Carpenter to the show today. Suz, how her friends call her, is a Certified Nutritional Consultant but most of all she is a lot of fun. We had a great conversation around clearing up food confusion.  Years ago Suz suffered from an eating disorder but then was asked a […]

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From Cluttered to Minimalist with Keri Lonny

Keri Lonny, today’s guest on the podcast, was lovingly called ‘a hoarder’ by her partner. She used to spend 3 hours a day cleaning, sorting and organizing her clutter.  Then she realized how much time and energy all this clutter was taking from her and she started to change, but then something tragic happened, her […]

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Time Management for busy Mom-preneurs with Johanna Buss

I am very excited to welcome Johanna Buss to the show today. Johanna Buss, a serial entrepreneur, time management guru. She is a mom of three children 5 and under, owns three business, has a full time job, and is known for helping working mothers create a firm foundation in their family and home so they […]

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What to do with other people’s clutter

Other people’s clutter: It doesn’t matter if I am at a networking event, hosting a workshop or a challenge I often get this question: “how do I deal with family or household members that have clutter” And just like with anything, there is no magic wand that I or you can wave to solve this issue, […]

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How to create a capsule wardrobe with Maria Berry-Swann

I am very excited to welcome Maria Berry-Swann to the podcast today.  We are talking about how to strategically organize our closet and how to build a capsule wardrobe.  This episode goes together with last weeks episode, #26 called Too many clothes and nothing to wear, I shared with you my tips on how to declutter […]

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Too many clothes, nothing to wear

Too many clothes but nothing to wear, do you have that problem too?  I want to let you know right away, I created a pdf with all the points that I am sharing with you know. So you don’t have to take notes, you can just go download the pdf,  Also, I am planning on offering […]

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