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9. Decluttering seasonal ornaments and decorations

There are three good times for decluttering seasonal ornaments.You always have the opportunity to go through and declutter regular stuff, but seasonal decoration is a little special because you don’t have it displayed year-round in your house.When it’s packed away, chances are you will not pull out the boxes to go through it. Therefore, there […]

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8. How to Work from Home

Right now the majority of us are asked to stay home and work from home due to the covid-19 situation. How are you coping with this situation? I know that for some of you it’s a completely new thing and you are struggling to get the hang of it and into the groove. In this episide I share […]

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7. What does it mean to live clutter-free?

It’s about balance. A clutter-free home is finding the right balance for us and our lifestyle. It’s not about just getting rid of everything right away, but also not keeping all the stuff indefinitely. It’s about getting clear on what is important to us, what we want to spend our energy and money on, and then […]

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6. Your home is a mirror of your soul

Life is busy and stressful, and then when your home is a mirror of your soul and also a source of stress and anxiety we have nowhere to relax and rejuvenate,Everything around you reflects in one way or another what is going on inside of you, so if you have a chaotic surrounding your mental […]

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5. The Love Tours

With the Love tours we are showing appreciation and gratitude. It is also a way of becoming aware what all we have in our life and how we feel about it.It’s so easy to focus on what is not right, what’s not working, or what bothers us, that we forget to allow ourselves to honour […]

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4. My 3 Key Principles for successful decluttering

I have no rules on how to declutter or in what order to declutter but I have 3 key principles on how to start your successful decluttering journey. Once your decluttering muscle is trained a bit, you might not need these principles anymore but in the beginning they can help you succeed.  Subscribe & ​DownloadListen on […]

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3. Decluttering is Self-Love

Clutter has so many negative effects on us, our health and in particular our stress level that decluttering is self-love and an act of self-care.I talk about that this is backed by science behind it how decluttering really is a thoughtful and powerful approach of self-development.  Subscribe & ​DownloadListen on the go and never miss […]

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2. What is Clutter?

What is clutter? There is more to clutter than most people think!This is what comes to my mind: physical clutter including paper clutter, digital clutter, mental clutter, social clutter, emotional clutter, there is even spiritual clutter. And this clutter can be divided into 4 categories, listen in to hear more about it.  Subscribe & ​DownloadListen […]

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1. A few minutes a day keep the chaos away

Very first episode of the Podcast:Introduction to me, Conny Graf, who I am, and what my philosophy around decluttering and being organized is. Why I say “a few minutes a day keep the chaos away” and what to expect in future episodes.  Subscribe & ​DownloadListen on the go and never miss out on a new […]

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