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How to create a capsule wardrobe with Maria Berry-Swann

I am very excited to welcome Maria Berry-Swann to the podcast today.  We are talking about how to strategically organize our closet and how to build a capsule wardrobe.  This episode goes together with last weeks episode, #26 called Too many clothes and nothing to wear, I shared with you my tips on how to declutter […]

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Too many clothes, nothing to wear

Too many clothes but nothing to wear, do you have that problem too?  I want to let you know right away, I created a pdf with all the points that I am sharing with you know. So you don’t have to take notes, you can just go download the pdf,  Also, I am planning on offering […]

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How to live with Audacity with Melissa Stuart

Meet my guest Melissa Stuart. Melissa is an audacity and purpose coach. She helps her clients embrace their true self to align with their purpose and manifest their wildest dreams.  She says to live with audacity, you need to get really authentic and honest with yourself about who you are, what your experiences are, who […]

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Decluttering your To-Do list with Jill Morris

Meet my guest Jill Morris, we are talking about the mindset you need to declutter your to-do lists. In last weeks episode, number 23 called Social Clutter and Full Calendars I already explored full calendars and long to-do lists a little bit. I shared with you my tips on how to create a schedule that is […]

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Social Clutter and Full Calendars

Today I want to talk about social clutter and add that to the mental clutter, and how we have as a result of those two an over-full calendar and endless to-do lists.  The three areas thoughts, time and people work together and a shift in one area will create a shift in the others.But be aware […]

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Decluttering is a Journey not an Event

Decluttering is a jounrey not an event.  This is a special episode, I celebrate a milestone on my podcast journey and I share with you how I got started, what mental clutter I had to let go of and how I’ve overcome some of the obstacle.  You’ll discoverWhat my podcast journey has to do with your goals […]

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Decluttering during unsettling times

Decluttering during unsettling times is not trivial. Clutter stresses us out and therefore, as I said before on this podcast, clutter stresses us out and therefore decluttering is self-love and is self-care. If all the events going on out in the world stress you out, and your home is a mess that stresses you out too […]

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How Dreams Can Help You Declutter with Mimi Pettibone

How listening to the messages of our dreams can help us clear our mind and subsequently clear our clutter. Meet my guest today Mimi Pettibone, she calls herself the Dream Detective. Mimi has been fascinated by dreams and what they might mean since she was a little girl, and she is passionate about helping people listen […]

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