How to achieve goals like a boss

Image Source: pexels.comA study suggests suggests we need to change our approach on how to achieve goals by stop focusing on the goals itself and rather focus on the processes and habits. I was scanning an article recently about productivity when a sub-headline caught my attention:   Stop focusing on your goals!  What? Wait a minute…I thought Are we not […]

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Does price matter when decluttering?

Does price matter when decluttering I was asked at my in-person workshop yesterday. Have you ever asked yourself the same question?Have you ever struggled letting go of something you didn’t like anymore and knew you would never use again but you remembered how much you had paid for it? What do you do with stuff that […]

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Testimonials & The Organized Entrepreneur

On a Tuesday I usually post a Testimonial on Social Media (Facebook mostly, sometimes on Instagram), I call it #TestimonialTuesday, but this week I did something different: The first three minutes of this video are about a recent insight about testimonials, after that, I talk about my new group program The Organized Entrepreneur, jump to […]

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A dream came true for Donna

Short Case study:  Clutter can be suffocating and make us feel stressed and uneasy. Donna had tried for years to declutter her office on her own and she even has had hired other organizers in the past. She says they did a good job but she wasn’t ready to let go of things.  Even before our consultation […]

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How to clean up digital clutter when you have no extra time

How to clean up digital clutter when you have no extra time? Are you struggling to find your digital files to work on in your existing filing system (or non-existing filing system) but you also don’t seem to find the time to declutter and restructure your digital filing system? If yes, then this short video […]

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5 Tips how to keep up your energy while decluttering

These tips make any daunting task easier and help you keep up your energy while decluttering. Imagine the outcome, motivate yourself, stay consistent, challenge yourself and promise yourself a reward so you get the job done.   I have a friend who had some bad luck lately. Her computer crashed, she had a full iPad […]

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