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21. Decluttering is a Journey not an Event

Decluttering is a jounrey not an event.  This is a special episode, I celebrate a milestone on my podcast journey and I share with you how I got started, what mental clutter I had to let go of and how I’ve overcome some of the obstacle.  You’ll discoverWhat my podcast journey has to do with your goals […]

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19. Decluttering during unsettling times

Decluttering during unsettling times is not trivial. Clutter stresses us out and therefore, as I said before on this podcast, clutter stresses us out and therefore decluttering is self-love and is self-care. If all the events going on out in the world stress you out, and your home is a mess that stresses you out too […]

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18. How Dreams Can Help You Declutter with Mimi Pettibone

How listening to the messages of our dreams can help us clear our mind and subsequently clear our clutter. Meet my guest today Mimi Pettibone, she calls herself the Dream Detective. Mimi has been fascinated by dreams and what they might mean since she was a little girl, and she is passionate about helping people listen […]

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17. A Year Without Spending Money with Julie Johnson

This episode is about a year without spending money with Julie Johnson. Yes you heard that right, Julie challenged herself to not spend any money for a whole year, except for utilities, daycare, gas, insurance, and groceries.Listen in on how she did thiswithout feeling deprivedwithout feeling her daughter is missing out on thingshow creative she became […]

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16. Healing Architecture with Dr. Lydia de Leòn

Meet my guest today Dr. Lydia de Leòn, a Greek Architect and Wellness Coach. She also holds a Ph.D in Physiology. She is the creator of Healing Architecture and co-founder of Geophilia Institute.  We discuss how science and spirituality are merging, and how we have the science to connect architectural design with health and wellbeing. Geophilia […]

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15. Sacred UnPlanning with Leah Kent

Sacred Unplanning Workbook, that’s where Leah invites people to create space around them that mirrors their creative dreams and desires. Sacred Unplanning Workbook is based on Leah’s online program with the same name and in the book and program she’s talking about how to create sacred space. If you are a regular listened of my podcast and/or […]

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14. Align your space with your priorities

​What are your priorities? Your home needs to evolve with you to be supportive for what you want to accomplish and to be a sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate. Does your home reflect the stage in life you are in right now or are heading towards or does it represent more the past? The idea is that […]

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13. The correlation between clutter, food, and body weight

Is there a correlation between clutter, food and body weight? That’s the topic of todays episode. Meet my very first guest on the podcast: David Orozco from TD Wellness in Atlanta GA.As you know, my motto is “a few minutes a day, keep the chaos away” and David’s approach when helping his clients to eat healthier […]

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